Apprenticeship Directive

Apprenticeship Directive Hamburg East ...

... the Local Guide around Vocational Education in Billstedt, Hamm, Horn and Rothenburgsort

The Apprenticeship Directive helps students with the search for apprenticeships, work placements and contact partners at the companies and organisations in their neighbourhood. The booklet lists more than 1000 apprenticeships in 100 professions at more than 100 companies in the east of Hamburg and several big companies in the city. It is arranged by professions, the spectrum stretches from „Geriatric Nurse“ to „Computer Scientist“ and „Bicycle Mechanic“. In addition there are short portraits of typical training companies, useful help and addresses for the profession planning and application, internet offers, book tips and a lot more.

The booklet is free and available in all schools, youth establishments and libraries throughout the Bille Network-Region or it can be ordered directly at the Bille Network-Office.

The Apprenticeship Directive assists companies with the search for apprentices fitting into their enterprises. The qualified training of young people is an important and responsible but often difficult task. Especially the local orientation of the directive can aid the companies of the region very effectively.

If young people find an apprenticeship in the neighbourhood of their familiar environment, there often will be better chances of identification and motivation. On the part of the companies the spatial proximity allows them much easier to show an interest in the situation of their youngest co – workers. By the Apprenticeship Directive they get much faster in contact with schools or social organisations and networks in their area. The service part of the directive aids with information and addresses, which are useful for the companies training day to day business.

The Apprenticeship Directive Hamburg East is published annually in September (for the following training year) since the year 2003. It is meanwhile established as an important and useful directive of vocational training in Hamburg East.

For remainig up to date and comprehensive the editors of the directive depend on the constant co-operation of companies, schools, and consultant organisations. A feedback-page at the end of the booklet contains further education offers and addresses as well as space for critisism and suggestions.

The Apprenticeship Directive is mainly funded by advertisements of companies and by the Hamburg Authority of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration. The publishing is additionally promoted by the H. D. Bartels-Foundation.

The Apprenticeship Directive can be ordered at the Bille Network-Office or be downloaded as pdf–file: Lehrstellenatlas2015.pdf

More information on the homepage of Bille Network (see chapter "Lehrstellenatlas Hamburger Osten" on the front page).